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Gary Rack Bio: Founder/Owner, Gary Rack Restaurant Group, LLC

Self-made entrepreneur, Gary Rack is a family man with a passion for living life to the fullest, enjoying quality time with family and friends along with great wine and exceptional food. Rack runs his restaurant group very much like a family of his own. He explains, “There is no greater reward than to watch your employees succeed to the point where you’ve bettered their lives, their financial ability and their quality of living. We believe in coaching and training employees to understand that hard work, dedication, integrity and honesty will lead them down the road of financial success, freedom and stability within our company.” As part of Rack’s business expansion plan for Gary Rack Restaurant Group, he set his sights on establishing an unprecedented culture of restaurant dining experiences. Upon hiring Executive Chef Matthew Danaher as Director of Culinary to implement his vision, Rack continued his line of success while opening  Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen, Racks Fish House + Oyster Bar. Together they have developed a visionary restaurant concept that has completely transformed neighborhood dining, and the existing culinary lifestyles that both, locals, and out-of-towners embrace.  Gary Rack Restaurant Group, LLC, Gary Rack and his management team will expand their unique restaurant philosophy on a national level, starting with a new location in Delray Beach on The Ave, that opened in the Fall 2012. Rack again showcase his eye for restaurants, and with the help of his team, will continue to push the boundaries by adding the WOW factor in the next addition to the RACKS family.

Matthew Danaher Bio: Matthew Danaher, Executive Chef & Culinary Director

As Culinary Director for Gary Rack Restaurant Group, Danaher oversees gastronomic operations at all three of Gary Rack’s South Florida locations within Culinary Operations. He provides direction and lends his experience to his formidable culinary team at Racks Fish House + Oyster Bar, Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen in Boca Raton and Delray Beach. Danaher describes his culinary style as simple and to the point, while maintaining a feel of casual elegance that he showcases with each restaurant menu. He believes that working with great vendors and using his own tried and tested technique is the formula for overall success in the kitchen.

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